Code of Conduct

The Conservative Friends of the Chinese (CFOC) is a UK volunteer run organisation and aims to be an inclusive and enlightening space, ensuring our community at all times feels safe in taking the full opportunity to learn about policy, to network and be involved in the community.

We do this in the spirit of both taking into account the broad-church nature of this community and the wider Party and in not bringing the Conservative Party into disrepute. 

We do not have a mass fee paying membership system and therefore wholly rely on volunteers and attendees to participate with integrity. Individuals who are part of our mailing list, attend our events or campaigns are fully responsible for their own actions and do not represent CFOC unless designated by members of the CFOC Board or the Co-Directors when speaking to the media, including social media, organising events and campaigns.  

Supporters are also reminded that the culture of CFOC is to:  

  • Behave at all times in a manner that is consistent with the letter and spirit of the laws of the United Kingdom and to champion British values.

  • To respect each other’s opinions and the right to freely express them by behaving in a positive and respectful manner even if on occasion, views may differ.

  • That inappropriate conversations, including online messaging or physical interactions which may be deemed as harassment, will not be tolerated. 

  • In that spirit, colleagues should be mindful when drinking at events to ensure they behave in a way that is compatible with the positive values mentioned above. 

The CFOC reserves the right to decline, remove or withdraw individuals from events, mailing list and campaigns who do not meet the spirit of the Code of Conduct.  

CFOC is proud to support our many friends in ensuring that the experience of our community work is one that is fun, enjoyable and safe, we thank you in advance for supporting this mission with us.