• Expanding its networks nationally to maximise the Party’s visibility and ‘engagement-impact’ with branches in Birmingham and Manchester.​

  • Expanding its strong and dynamic Conservative ‘family’ volunteer network of young and proactive grass roots volunteers, mobilising a tremendous campaigning force country-wide and at CCHQ and constituency call centres supporting local, mayoral, and in all General Elections.  In the 2019 General

  • Elections, 300 volunteers registered to campaign for CFOC. At Boris Johnson’s rallies, a record number of 550 CFOC volunteers attended to support him.  CFOC campaigners came out in full force and were a very visible and exemplary force in their support of the CFOC and many other Prospective Parliamentary candidates in marginal seats nationally, contributing to the outstanding victory for the Conservative Party.

  • Talent-spotting, nurturing and fielding a record-breaking numbers of British Chinese candidates in local elections and the last three General Elections.  In the 2015 and 2017 General Elections, CFOC successfully fielded 9 Chinese Parliamentary candidates. In the 2018 Local Elections, 4 British Chinese local councillors were elected from the 18 British Chinese councillor candidates fielded. In the 2019 General Election, CFOC fielded 4 Prospective Parliamentary Candidates.

  • Helping the Conservative Party win over the British Chinese community in the run up to the General Elections in 2015, 2017 and 2019.   In 2015, it was reported by YouGov and The Times that the 'Tories have won over Britain's Chinese community' and 'the Party has a 22-point lead among Britons of Chinese origin’. In the 2019 General Election, the British Chinese voted overwhelmingly for the Conservative Party, the only BAME group to do so, undoubtedly due to CFOC’s many years of community work, outreach and political engagement.

  • CFOC’s many fundraising efforts have supported marginal seats across the country.

  • Maintaining and growing its existing links to the British Chinese communities by working closely with local businesses and community leaders who are ‘plugged in’ and have intimate local knowledge.

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